Reality or deception?

I was always curious if a global warming is real or not because of various assertions for both opinions.
So I decided to get a real data - I scraped the temperature data from one website. The data are from two weather stations in my country (Czech Republic). Unfortunatelly the available measurements from Klementinum ends up in 2003.
I did some data processing and put the result into excel and created some charts that you can see below.

Hard data speaks clearly. The temerature is raising. There seems to be two trends - one starting ~1900 and the second starting ~1986 which looks quite scary.
If this continues (it will for sure) we can be in a really big trouble.

Temperatures 1775-2003 Klementinum Prague
Rain 1804-2003 Klementinum Prague
Temperatures 1939-2015 Milesovka
Number of hot days 1939-2015 Milesovka