IT developer

I started writing first programs in basic and Z80 assembler on my ZX Spectrum+ when I was 13 years old.
The first notable achievement was the complete disassembling of binary driver for two-dot matrix printer Gamacentrum 01 and rewriting it in order to support custom bitmap fonts.

Throughout many years I was writing programs in many languages - most time in C++ (MFC framework and WinAPI) and later even in Java and C++ on Linux.
However some shorter or longer period of time I was using Pascal, C, LUA, Python, PHP and maybe some more languages.
Several years I was heavily involved in designing Postgres database model for a big data processing and writing many functions in PL/pgSQL as well.
At home I have been playing with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and at work I was doing even embedded development in the past on mostly ARM devices.

Anyway, I definitely prefer C++ and Java programming languages before any others.