All projects presented on this web site were developed solely by me, in my spare time or during the time when I was working in my own company.
It means that I am the only owner of source codes and I am the only copyright owner of all projects.
Nobody else has a single line of code of any projects downloadable from this site.

Licensing policy

The majority of projects are freeware so they can be used for any purpose even commercial usage.
The only exception is stlib library that can be used for non-commercial (e.g. personal, academic, etc.) purposes only.
Check the respective project licence for the details.

Why not opensource?

The projects were not supposed to be opensourced at the time when they were being established and now it would require significant amount of time to adjust them to be an opensource.
I have to go to regular work to earn money so there is no time for it and I can't see any reason why to make them opensource.