Latest version

Download:   sdm 0.5.0

How to run

There have to be Java JRE or JDK version 6 or higher installed on your computer.
Download zip above and unpack it.
Run following command: java -jar sdm.jar

On Windows

It might be sufficient to doubleclick on sdm.jar to run it.
Or you can create sdm.bat file containing command above - then the click on sdm.bat file will start SDM.

On Linux

After unpacking zip file it is needed to add execute rights to sdm.jar file. You can do it by running following command: chmod a+x sdm.jar

On Mac

I have never had Mac so I have never tried to run SDM on Mac but I am pretty sure it will work. :-)


There is one example model file included in the zip. You can open it in SDM and use it.